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Patrol k9 tactics & Survival training workshop

October 12-14, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio
*Presented by the North American Police Work Dog Association

The training will provide patrol K9 handlers with the skills necessary to increase their survivability while deploying their K9 partner in real world situations that result in critical incidents.  Tactical debriefs involving previous K9 related critical incidents will be reviewed.


Handlers will learn:

*  Patrol K9 deployment methods utilizing a variety of equipment.

*  How to survive lethal and sudden threats.

*  Human and K9 tactical emergency casualty care.

*  Proper weapon's flow while deploying as a K9 team.

*  Legal considerations related to K9 use of force.

*  Expose the K9 team to a variety of real-world situations to         increase chances of success on the street.

The K9 tactical emergency care will include training on a wirelessly controlled canine mannequin that replicates a police K9 and facilitates emergency medical care by simulating the common traumatic injuries police work dogs experience.

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The 3 days of training will be a combination of short classroom instruction, K9 & Handler exposure exercises, and scenario-based training utilizing Simunitions.  This course is an intense, high speed training that will challenge both the new and experienced K9 teams.  Class size is limited to 24 K9 teams and 10 Audit spots.

Instructors include active and recently retired police K9 handlers from around the country who have deployed their dogs on hundreds of high-risk incidents in a combined 100+ years of K9 experience.

Cost: $275 for current NAPWDA members, or $325 for non-members (includes one year membership), $100 Audit spot (non-working spot).


For additional information, contact Mike Fink @ or (440) 840-4249

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