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Our Mission

Our Mission is to supplement the training and equipment of our active K9 teams, have in place permanent funding for the addition of new dogs, educate the public regarding police service dogs, provide the best possible care for our retired K9 Officers, and to honor them when they pass away.


   The South Euclid Police K9 Foundation was established in 2017 and is a federally registered 501(c)(3 nonprofit organization created for charitable purposes.


   Our story began with Pam O’Toole’s and other individuals’ commitment, dedication and love of our city’s police dogs, and wanting to keep them as safe as possible.


   We are a resident based Board of Directors, using our K9 Officers as Advisors.  Together we work to protect these dogs, provide them the needed equipment that they require for operational and training deployments, and provide them with advanced training opportunities.  Along with any other expenses that they incur that the city is unable to provide for.  With the luxury of our Foundation we have the ability to give the South Euclid Police K9’s the very best of what they need and deserve.


   We are always grateful for any donation, no matter how large or small.


   We continue to grow, as the need for K9’s continues to increase; so does our responsibility to support them. 


   Thank you for taking an interest in the South Euclid Police K9 Foundation and our dogs. 

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